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Online gaming is undeniably growing in popularity. They earn enormous yearly income and have a user base that is constantly expanding. Teen Patti occupies a particular space among all games. One of the most popular games with plenty of players is Teen Patti.

The Teen Patti game has never experienced a loss in popularity. It continued to expand and eventually turned into one of the most popular gaming models ever created. That is why a lot of investors fund the creation of the Teen Patti video game!

Teen Patti Gold Company Highlights:

Company Name Teen Patti Gold
Headquarter Ulsoor, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Industry Online Betting Game
Founded 2014
Founder Ankit Jain (Co-Founder), Dimpal Kumar Maisuriya (Co-Founder), Kumar Puspesh (Co-Founder), Oliver Jones (Co-Founder)
Website https://teenpattigold.com/


A type of poker is called Teen Patti. Users don’t play Teen Patti on the train like they do poker. It is a well-liked platform, particularly in South Asian nations. Card betting is the only thing Teen Patti is. Teen Patti may have been played or mentioned at taverns and clubs. Fifty-two cards are often used, and three members plate it to six participants.

They don’t take Teen Patti’s “joker” cards into account, though. In Teen Patti, each participant is dealt three cards. The boot money must be chosen and acquired from all Teen Patti players before managing the cards and beginning the game. The pot money will rise as the game picks up steam. That hand’s winner takes home the entire pot in cash. The winner plays all the way through. Additionally, based on the rules for card placement, he possesses the strongest or most original hand.

Teen Patti Gold Industry:

Poker and other classic card games have completely revolutionized the gaming business. Teen Patti is a game that originated in the Indian subcontinent and is more well-known there than anywhere else, but our customers always wanted to spread it over the world by giving it fun variations. This is an idea that our customer came up with, and we worked with him to make it happen.

An Indian variation of poker using three cards is called Teen Patti. The necessity for a common location is ultimately eliminated while playing a traditional multiplayer game that enables players from all over the world to converge on a single platform to play anytime, anyplace, and with anyone. It can be done very easily with friends or family. Desi Teen Patti is a game that incorporates lavish themes while maintaining a conventional design aesthetic. The game’s makers at Yudiz incorporated innovative features including thrilling surprises, fluid gameplay, and exciting variations to make it stand out in its own right.

Teen Patti Gold Founder and Team:

The founders of Teen Patti Gold are Oliver Jones, Dimpal Kumar Maisuriya, Kumar Puspesh, and Ankit Jain (Co-Founder) (Co-Founder). It was established in 2014. It is situated in Bengaluru, Karnataka, at Ulsoor.

  One of the founders of Teen Patti Gold is Oliver Jones
One of the founders of Teen Patti Gold is Oliver Jones (Image source: Animation Xpress)

Teen Patti Gold Startup Story:

An agreement has been reached for Stillfront Group AB, a Stockholm-based operator of game studios that emphasizes free-to-play content, to wholly purchase Moonfrog Labs Pvt Ltd in India.

Teen Patti Gold
Teen Patti Gold (Image source: Animation Xpress)

With its headquarters in Bengaluru, Moonfrog has created a number of video game franchises, such as Teen Patti Gold, Ludo Club, Baahubali: The Game, and Alia Bhatt: Star Life. Sequoia and Tiger Global were investors in the studio before it was purchased, according to VCCEdge.

The four-trillion-dollar deal, which will be Stillfront’s debut into the Indian market, will be completed in four tranches. In the first, Stillfront will pay $90 million (about Rs 656.16 crore) in cash to acquire a 91 percent stake in Moonfrog.

The remaining three 9 percent tranches will be distributed between this year and 2023, and they will depend on Moonfrog’s annual EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation) results, according to a statement from Stillfront.

Teen Patti Gold Mission and Vision:

Like poker, Teen Patti is a well-liked card game at Indian casinos. It typically involves three to six players and a 52-card deck without jokers. Three cards are dealt face down to each player. The boot amount is negotiated and obtained from each participant before the cards are dealt. The minimal wager placed into the pot, which is the money retained in the middle of the table, is known as the boot amount. The pot money increases as the game goes on, going to the hand winner.

Teen Patti Gold Logo
Teen Patti Gold Logo (Image source: teenpattigold.com)

Teen Patti Gold Business Model:

One of Moonfrog Labs’ most well-liked games is the “Teen Tatti Gold” game, which received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from players. The company claims that mobile users downloaded it two million times. Additionally, it states that “Teen Tatti Gold” is the most popular game for Android and iOS in India.

Teen Patti Gold, a three-card version of poker that is popular in India, is also known as Flash or Flush. A Teen Patti table can accommodate up to 5 players. Who wins depends on the cards and moves each player makes. The game is currently accessible in four languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi.

During festival seasons, the corporation actively promotes the game by adding new features to it. For instance, during last week’s Holi holiday in India, Tayal added, we introduced a feature that enables players to throw paint and dye at one another across the table just like they do during the celebrations. The function was well-liked by our players.

Moonfrog relies on in-app purchases so that players can access new game levels, in contrast to the bulk of games that generate income through obtrusive adverts and pop-ups. The company is now working on multiplayer game development and has new game series planned for release in a year or two.

According to Tayal, building games for Indian gamers can be difficult because to the country’s expensive data plans and laborious, unpredictable broadband connections. As a result, Moonfrog Labs’ games are created so that they may operate on even the most basic smartphones while using less data and battery life.

Teen Patti Gold Revenue Model:

With more than 6 million monthly active players worldwide, Teen Patti Gold is one of the most lucrative video games in India. To succeed at this incredibly entertaining and well-liked family card game in the Indian subcontinent, you’ll need both strategy and chance.

Teen Patti Gold Products and Services:

There are various Teen Patti card game versions. They are not limited to a single kind. As long as they adhere to the core principles of the classic game, you can create a variety of Teen Patti games.

  • One of the most well-known Teen Patti versions, Joker, incorporates the idea of wild cards for more excitement and enjoyment.
  • Every time a player folds, the joker switches positions. The appeal of the rotating joker game is that.
  • Lowest Joker: Lowest Joker is the new moniker for pleasure. Every player’s lowest card can change into a Joker in this Teen Patti variant, increasing their chances of winning.
  • A number of Joker cards aid players in winning the game of AK47.
  • As the name implies, Teen Patti 4x Boot has a higher boot amount than other Teen Patti games.
  • Faceoff is a game that only six players can play at once and uses more cards than usual.
  • The hand with a number closest to 999 wins the game in this popular Teen Patti version.
  • Muflis – The Muflis game is easily won by the player with the poorest hands.
  • Auction – During the Auction, players compete in a classic game of Teen Patti while placing bids on various games.
  • Banko: The dealer’s Banko deck consists of three cards, two of which are visible. The game winner is the person who correctly predicts the third card.

Teen Patti Gold Funding and Investors:

According to TechCrunch, Tiger Global and returning investors Sequoia Capital provided $15 million in Series A financing to the Bangalore-based mobile game developer Moonfrog Lab.

Tanay Tayal, a co-founder of Moonfrog, told TechCrunch that the money raised would be used to hire more employees and create new games in a variety of genres, including action, strategy, and role-playing. The business also anticipates strengthening its strategic distribution relationships and enhancing data analytics and backend operations.

Counting the earlier $1 million received from Sequoia during the business’s seed fundraising round, the company has now raised a total of $16 million. A group of programmers who had previously worked for Zynga on titles including Mafia Wars, Bubblle Safari, Castleville, and Empire and Aliens formed the Bangalore-based firm.

Teen Patti Gold Employees:

With additional 50+ staff, it has 4 primary employees.

Teen Patti Gold Challenges Faced:

There is no data of it.

Teen Patti Gold Acquisitions:

There is no acquisition happened yet.

Teen Patti Gold Growth:

Tanay Tayal, Ankit Jain, Kumar Puspesh, Oliver Jones, and Dimpalkumar Maisuriya founded Moonfrog in 2013. For the 2018–19 fiscal year, the company reported consolidated net sales of Rs. 131 crore and net profit of Rs. 38 crore, according to VCCEdge.

According to Stillfront’s statement, between January and September 2020, Moonfrog recorded unaudited approximate net revenues of $21 million and adjusted EBITDA of about $12 million. Tiger Global and Sequoia Capital contributed $15 million (Rs 92 crore) to Moonfrog’s March 2015 funding round. Prior to that, in 2014, Sequoia contributed $1 million to the venture.

Teen Patti Gold Partners:

One of the largest game publishers in India, Moonfrog Labs, was established in 2013 and is currently a part of the Stillfront Group, a company that is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange. On September 15th, the two will formally launch their collaboration to make games like Teen Patti Gold (TPG), Ludo Club, and Carrom Gold accessible in UniPin.

Teen Patti Gold Competitors:

Rummy Gold, Rummy Circle, Teen Patti Star, Real Teen Patti, etc. are some of its rivals.

Teen Patti Gold Awards and Achievements:

There is no data of it.

Teen Patti Gold Future Plan:

One of the most well-known video games in the world is the Teenager Patti Game. Each gathering includes this game’s hosts, and its fever is still growing steadily. It also investigates the entire interactivity at once while using a tonne of basic and scientific reasoning. As more players join the Teen Patti game network, the High-Level Patti Game is receiving enormous gratitude and support. Both the demand for the game and the mobile game app development company is rising.

There won’t be a better time than now to get started because of how quickly Teen Patti Game turn of events is developing. The future of the Teen Patti Game development is indeed looking great, especially with its enormous popularity among Indians and impending innovative developments like the release of 5G. Therefore, if you intend to develop such an app as well, you should engage a mobile app developer from NBT.

FAQs About Teen Patti Gold:

What does Teen Patti Gold do?

A type of poker is called Teen Patti. Users don’t play Teen Patti on the train like they do poker. It is a well-liked platform, particularly in South Asian nations. Card betting is the only thing Teen Patti is.

When was Teen Patti Gold founded?

It was established in 2014.

Who is the founder of Teen Patti Gold Corporation?

The founders of Teen Patti Gold are Oliver Jones, Dimpal Kumar Maisuriya, Kumar Puspesh, and Ankit Jain (Co-Founder) (Co-Founder).

Who is the CEO of Teen Patti Gold Corporation?

CEO is Ankit Jain.

Who are the main competitors of Teen Patti Gold?

Rummy Gold, Rummy Circle, Teen Patti Star, Real Teen Patti, etc. are some of its rivals.


Teen Patti is one of the most played games in India, which may surprise you. Investing in the creation of such games will undoubtedly produce financial results. On the Teen Patti site, thousands of fresh members sign up every day. Therefore, there will never be a failure of the Teen Patti game. It’s simple to develop Teen Patti. Because of its simpler structure, the complete development process is more economical and takes the smallest amount of time.

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